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Royal Cliff Hosts Seniors’ Tennis

07 Nov, 2019

The Thailand Seniors Championship is backed by FITZ Club – Racquets, Health and Fitness, The Aspen Tree by Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited and Singha Corporation.

One of the world’s premier tennis tournament for seniors, the sporting event will draw 250 top players from more than 15  countries.

International players come from  Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Australia, the USA and more closer to home  Hong Kong, India and Singapore.

Seniors will compete for the prestigious ITF Championship title over seven days of knock-out rounds.

The Grade A tournament is considered the top category in the Asia Pacific, achieving the highest level required of elite international competition.

The event features the 35+ Singles and Doubles Open and should help to promote Pattaya and Thailand as an outstanding sports destination, for tennis.

The Royal Cliff Hotels Group along with the resort’s luxury sports centre, Fitz Club – Racquets, Health and Fitness once again host the event.

“Royal Cliff and Fitz Club are delighted to create events for seniors to enjoy especially activities that promote a healthy lifestyle,” said Royal Cliff Hotels Group CEO Vitanart Vathanakul.

“There is already an abundance of events targeted at the young generation, and it is important to look after the senior citizens too. This championship is an excellent platform to develop a community of older generations enjoying the sports they love.”

The Aspen Tree by Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited and Singha Corporation are the other two major sponsors.

“The Aspen Tree is a specialist in providing complete care to older adults by focusing on preventative health care instead of treatment,” said The Aspen Tree Corporation by Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited president, Hye June Park. “The event is in line with the brand concept of The Aspen Tree which is to give older adults the best time of their lives or as the brand says, “The Most Beautiful Chapter in Life.”

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