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Why am I having trouble signing in?

This might be due to an incorrect password, incorrect agent ID or technical problem. If you continue having the problem, please contact us immediately.

Can I allow someone else to use my login?

Yes, this is your choice. However, please be aware that you are responsible for any action happening in your account.

Can I save more than one hotel in my account?

You can save as many hotels as you want. However, after a certain period of time, if no action has been taken towards the saved hotels, they will automatically be deleted from the basket.

How do I save a selected hotel for later viewing?

During the reservation process, adding a hotel to your booking list means it will be automatically saved.

What if I forgot my password?

If you forget your password, you need to contact our company immediately. Our skilled staff will help you to retrieve the password.

Changing or Canceling Reservation

Can I get refund if guests cancelled the booking without charges?

Normally we will keep the money as your credit for future bookings. But in some cases, there are exceptions and we send the money back to you.

Will I be charged if guests don't arrive at the hotel as scheduled?

Yes. Since the reservation was confirmed, we will charge you. In case guests do not arrive at the hotel and no one informed us, it will be considered as No Show. No refund will be issued for this case.

Can I change the name of the traveler without informing ITC Bangkok?

No. Any change should be done through us since the service is provided by us. The hotels will not accept any changes from you directly unless it is urgent.

How do I modify or cancel reservation?

You can modify or cancel reservation from your account. In case of any trouble, please feel free to contact our company.

What happens to hotel reservation if guests' flight is delayed?

Please contact us as soon as possible in case you know that your flight is delayed or going to be delayed. This way, we can assist you in contacting the hotel beforehand to minimize penalties.

Do I get charged if I cancel or modify reservation?

Cancellations or modifications made after the reservation is confirmed will be charged according to cancellation policy of the hotel, which will appear when you search for the hotel.

In case guests would like to extend their stay while the tour started already, how do I proceed?

You can proceed to extend booking period from your account. If you cannot access the Internet, please contact our Call Center.

Are baby cots available?

Baby cots (or cribs) are available on request in most of the hotels and subject to availability. Simply tick "Request Baby Cot" in the special request part of the booking or type it in the remark.

Can I generally request an extra bed for a third person in a double room and at what costs?

An extra bed in a double/twin room can be requested. Select Triple room when you make a reservation and you will get the rate based on a double room plus an extra bed (triple).

We have two small children; can we get extra beds in the room?

Yes. 2 adults and 2 small children (under 12 years old) in most of the cases can stay in one room with one extra bed (it's called triple room). To make a reservation for your family, you have to make a reservation based on Triple room. You get 3 breakfasts in this case, unless stated otherwise.

What is the child policy?

Different hotels have different children policies. You can get child policy information in the hotel details. However, in most of the cases, children aged 2-12 years old can stay free of charge with their parents using existing beds. No free extra bed (or rollaway) and no meal is provided for a child in normal cases. The children breakfast is normally 50% of the adult’s rate.

What browser or software do I need to view your site?

Our site is well displayed on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera or other compatible browsers (800 by 600 pixels and 1280 by 1024 pixels).

How can I let you know comments or suggestions about the website or service?

You can also send us the feedback via email.

What if I have some comment about the hotel my guests stayed in?

You can send us your comments via email.

What do I do when I have a question about the room or hotel?

You can email us if you have any questions about hotels or reservations. We will reply to your query within 24 hours.

How can I find out if the hotel offers a shuttle service and how can I reserve it?

Generally, hotels around the airport area will offer a free shuttle. You will have to supply us with the full flight details in order to arrange the service. If you would like to know whether or not the specific hotel offers shuttle service, please contact us for more information.

Guests will be arriving late in the evening at the hotel. Can they still check-in?

Yes. They can check-in in the evening as the room is already paid and guaranteed. However, if they are arriving very late, please notify us of the arrival time in order to inform the hotels to prevent check-in trouble.

Some of the information on your page is wrong. How can I correct it?

We will thank you for any corrections you may advise. Please contact us in that case.

What is Day Use room?

A Day Use room is for usage during a specific time during the day only. For example, the Comfort Suites Airport Hotel in Bangkok has a Day Use room of 3 hours or 6 hours during 8am-6pm. This means you can use the room for 3 hours or 6 hours only during 8am-6pm.

Why don't I get a confirmation of reservation via email?

The email might go to your spam filter if you filter for the spam folder. However, you can easily sign in to your account and see the reservation details.

Who can I contact if guests have a problem with the reservation at the hotel?

You can contact us anytime.

What kind of breakfast is available at specific hotels?

Normally, the hotels will provide American breakfast.

How can I request an early check-in or late check-out time?

You can request an early check-in or a late check-out with us during the online reservation process. However, this entire request is not guaranteed. Late check-out usually up to 6pm is normally a half night charge and after 6pm is a full night charge. Sometimes the hotel will allow a free of charge late check-out at 2pm. Early check-in is possible at around 12.00 hours, subject to room availability. If you would like to guarantee early check-in, normally the hotel will require you to reserve one night in advance.

What is the check-in time and check-out time?

Check in time: 14.00 hours (or later in some hotels). Check out time in most cases is: 12.00 hours.

What if I want to reserve a room category that is not mentioned on the website?

You can contact us for this specific information so that we can contact the hotel in this special case.

How do I know if the room rate includes breakfast?

If breakfast is included, it will show in the hotel details. It will also be on the invoice and voucher once the booking is confirmed.

How long in advance can I make a reservation?

You can make a reservation 6 months in advance.

Am I better off reserving hotel for guests well in advance or at the last minute?

Making a reservation in advance gives you the best choices.

Can I specify where guests would like their room to be located (preferred floor, near the pool, etc)?

Yes, you can. However, please keep in mind that all are subject to availability at the hotel upon arrival.

What are single, twin or triple rooms?

Single rooms are for one person.

Twin rooms are for 2 persons (regardless if adult or child).

Triple rooms are for 3 persons (regardless if adult or child).

What are the differences between Standard, Superior, Deluxe, Junior Suite and Suite?

Standard: A lesser quality, lower priced room at a hotel.

Superior: A higher quality room compared to the standard room but still reasonably priced.

Deluxe: These are normally the best equipped and appointed units in a hotel.

Junior Suite: A hotel room that features a separate living-sitting area (although not a separate room), in addition to the bedroom.

Suite: An accommodation comprising more than one room; occasionally a single large room with clearly defined sleeping and sitting areas.

What is the difference between Available and Request status?

Available means rooms that are available and can be confirmed immediately. Request means rooms can be requested, but confirmation is subject to the availability at the time you submit the reservation. Please note that under request, you can get a room reserved and the status of the reservation will be communicated to you within 24 hours except during peak season or long weekends, where it might take up to 48 hours.

Do you charge a service fee?

There is no charge for using our service. It is absolutely free.

Why do I have to input the nationality?

Some hotels have special restrictions for certain nationalities. Therefore, it prevents the customers from facing any trouble at the hotel when checking in.

Can I reserve a hotel room by telephone or email?

If you are unable to log in to your member page to make a reservation, we are available for phone reservation or fax.

Do hotels have minimum age requirements?

This depends on each hotel. Normally, the hotel requires you to be at least 18 years old to check in.

Can I make reservations on the site without registering on

No. You must be a member in order to get our best deal.

If the room I select is under Request status, how long does it take to get the result from the hotel?

It usually takes approximately 24 hours. If the room reservation request takes place during a weekend or a peak season, it may take longer.

If the selected hotel is not available, will I get an option?

Normally, you can instantly see which hotel is available. If the selected hotel is not available, which will result from the selection under request, we will certainly suggest alternative hotels for your consideration.

Under whose name should the reservation be made?

The reservation should be made under the name of the person who will check in and stay at the hotel. If you book multiple rooms, you should use a different name for each room.

How do I search for available hotels only?

During the search operation, you can select on the available only checkbox located under the Specify hotel list box before clicking on the Search button.

If I do a search, how do I know whether the hotels are available or not?

Once you make your search of hotels, the hotel with Available status will be ranked on top of the page, while the hotels below will be on request. The booking for the request hotels will be confirmed within 48 hours.

How do I reserve different types of rooms?

Begin by selecting the total number of rooms. Then you can specify each room category separately.

How do I know when the reservation is confirmed?

If you select a hotel that shows Available means with allotment, once you proceed to complete your booking, it will confirm instantly and will allow you to print out the hotel voucher and hotel invoice. The hotel voucher and the invoice will also be sent to your email address that you used for membership registration.

How do I reserve a room?

To reserve a room through our website, you can easily search your preferred hotel, select the room type and specify the guest list. Once you've done that and accepted the room rate, please check all the information and proceed to submit booking. For payment, you can either select use your credit or pay by credit card.

What are Verified By Visa and MasterCard SecureCode?

Visa and MasterCard have developed authenticated payment capabilities to improve online transaction security. By creating a virtual signature in the form of a password chosen by you when you sign up, Visa and MasterCard hopes to provide a safer online commerce experience for Cardholders. Verified By Visa and MasterCard SecureCode enable two parties (card holder and card issuer) to authenticate each other by exchanging digital certificates (electronic identifications) before proceeding with an online transaction, assuring the Cardholder that he is dealing with a legitimate merchant and providing the merchant with proof of participation of the real Cardholder. This gives both parties the confidence to proceed and creates a digitally signed record of the transaction that can be verified afterwards.

I do not have a credit card. Can I still reserve a room?

Yes. You can reserve the room using your credit balance. You can always contact us regarding your credit balance or check it online.

Can I use my debit card to make a payment?

No. Only credit cards are accepted at present.

Why is my credit card rejected?

Possibilities are: 1.) Numbers / expiration dates are incorrect; 2.) Your issued bank blocks the card from internet usage for security reasons and 3.) Not enough or over usage of balance.

Is my credit card secure through your site?

Yes, your credit card information is secure on our website. Upon check-out, your details are directly sent to the bank. All of your information will not be stored anywhere, not in our system and not in the bank servers. This will allow for maximum security. Also, none of our employees will ever have access or see your credit card details.

Do I need to submit my credit card number through the Internet to make a reservation?

It depends. You can either use your credit balance or pay by credit card.

What if I find a lower rate after booking?

If you find a lower rate in our website after booking, there is no refund for the difference since, as mentioned earlier, the rate can be updated daily. Please be aware that we don’t guarantee the lowest Internet rate, but we do our utmost to find the best deal available for all our members.

Can I use discount vouchers (e.g. issued by magazines, shops, etc.)?

No. We do not accept any discount vouchers at present.

Do you offer special discounts (for seniors, airline employees, etc)?

No. Our rates are already discounted.

Why is there a surcharge on the selected hotel?

Hotels usually apply a surcharge during some peak season due to the high occupancy rate at that particular period of time.

Is the rate per person or per room?

Single room rates, double/twin room rates and triple room rates are different. Normally, the rates for the single and double rooms are the same. However, it is important to note that if you select one adult upon making the reservation and two adults check in at the hotel, there will be an extra charge for the second person directly from the hotel, even if the rate for 1 or 2 persons might be the same in our system.

Will the rate change if I already have the confirmation?

No. Once you receive the confirmation, the rate will not be changed.

If I already have a confirmation but later check and see the lower rate, can I get a refund?

No. Rates can be changed daily, therefore, once your reservation is confirmed, you will be committed with that rate and we will not be able to issue any refund.

Why is the rate changed since the last time I checked?

The rates are updated daily. The change is reflected from the actual currency exchange.

Is the rate equal for everyone?

The rates displayed are applicable for certain markets depending on the nationality you select. Some hotels have different rates for different markets and nationalities.

Is your rate inclusive of taxes and service charges?

All the rates displayed on our site are inclusive of applicable taxes and service charges.

How do guests check-in at the hotel?

The hotel voucher is required to be presented upon check-in to avoid problems.

What is the Reservation Guarantee?

All reservations made with us are guaranteed. If your reserved hotel becomes unavailable or cannot be honored upon check-in caused by a mistake on behalf of ITC, please immediately contact our call center. We will arrange a room for you at another convenient and comparable hotel. The full cost of the first night stay, including any tax and service charges will be taken care of by us. We will pay for all the communication costs to our office.

My computer crashed near the end of the online process, is my reservation confirmed?

If your computer crashed, the first thing to do is to check your email. Normally, if the reservation is confirmed, you should receive an email with all the confirmation. You can also sign in to your account and check if the selected hotel is in your confirmed folder or not. If you are still unsure and have any questions or concerns, please contact us. Please DO NOT make a duplicated reservation.

If the confirmation email doesn’t arrive or I lose my reservation voucher, how can I print a copy of it?

Again, you can simply log on to your account and print the voucher.

What if I lose my voucher and/or voucher reference number?

You can simply log on to your account and print the voucher again.

What is the hotel voucher?

It is a document that you receive from us after your hotel booking and payment has been confirmed. The document is proves that you have already paid for the room and thus, must be presented upon check-in.