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Road Accidents Slow By 13 Per Cent In May

23 Jun, 2020

The number of road accidents decreased by 13 per cent last month, the Department of Highways reported.

The department said yesterday (June 22) that May saw 1,042 accidents, resulting in 175 deaths and 776 injuries.

“Compared to May 2019, the number of road accidents has gone down by 13 per cent, with a 29 per cent decrease in injuries. However, the death toll has risen by 17 per cent,” it said. “The number of cars involved in accidents also went down, from 1,787 to 1,527, a 14 per cent decrease.”

The department said records were collected by the Highway Accident Information Management System, which attributes major causes of road accidents to exceeding the speed limit (728 times, or 70 per cent), overtaking at a close distance (95 times, or 9 per cent), dozing off (65 times, or 6 per cent) and malfunctioning equipment (63 times, or 6 per cent).

The regions that witnessed the highest number of road accidents are the Northeast (23 per cent), followed by the North (22 per cent) and the South (14 per cent). However, when divided by province, Bangkok tops the accident chart followed by Nakhon Ratchasima and Chon Buri.

The department has vowed to increase speed traps in areas that are prone to accidents and is urging motorists to avoid speeding above the legal limit, which is the number one cause of road accidents.


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