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Police Intensify Investigation Into Cause Of Pattaya Floating Market Fire

09 Sep, 2023

Pattaya, Thailand – Investigators from the Nongprue police station accompanied by officers from the Chonburi Police Forensic Science department along with engineers representing the Four Regions Floating Market, made an on-site inspection on Sept 8, one day after the devastating fire, to collect vital evidence at the scene and interview eyewitnesses, including market workers and night-shift police officers.

These individuals provided consistent accounts that the fire originated near a carving and aluminum workshop adjacent to the Northern Zone Exhibition Hall just before the incident. They reported hearing an explosion and witnessing a sizable fireball, which rapidly engulfed other areas, making containment challenging. During the incident, one person, identified as Mr. Dhanupol Phongpheng, a 37-year-old shop owner at the market, sustained injuries. He attempted to retrieve his belongings but was overwhelmed by smoke and subsequently transported to Pattaya City Hospital. Currently, he is stable and under close medical supervision.

Pol. Col. Tawee Kudtalang, Superintendent of Nongprue Police Station, informed reporters over the phone that initial actions involved dispatching investigative officers to gather statements and evidence. The cause of the fire remains undetermined at this stage and awaits further examination by the evidence collection team. It is yet unclear whether the fire resulted from negligence or was purely accidental.


A section of the Pattaya Floating Market destroyed by the massive fire on the evening of Sept. 7.


In the meantime, management at the Four Regions Floating Market decided to replace fabric awnings with solid, opaque screens in the affected area. This measure aims to restrict public access and safeguard the scene from view, citing concerns about evidence security and potential property damage. Media access will be granted once the evidence collection process is complete.

The Four Regions Floating Market has temporarily closed to tourists. Management representatives are collaborating with insurance companies and have established registration desks for affected shop owners. While insurance coverage is in place, precise coverage amounts are pending confirmation. As investigations progress, additional details will emerge, and the market management will provide media updates as they become available.


The Pattaya Mail

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