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Pattaya-Jomtien Immigration Bureau Launches New Service

10 Oct, 2023

Chonburi immigration headquarters, at Jomtien Soi 5, today introduced a revamped, customer-friendly service for foreigners to subdue queuing and long waiting periods. Two aircondioned glass buildings, “A” and “B”, have been completed in the former on-site carpark. The changes come about after many years of overcrowding, waiting in the hot sun etc.

Foreigners attending to do their 90 days address confirmation continue to report directly to Building “A” without prior registration. All other immigration customers first-of-all now report to Building “B” to obtain a ticket number for further service. Depending on the specific service they need, the ticket number will direct them to the immigration main building (all visa extensions for example) or to Building “A” (for TM30 address registration).


The initial reaction from foreigners on the first morning was positive. “I wanted a certificate of residence to apply for a driving licence and waiting comfortably in the airconditioned area until my queue number was called,” said a British expat Dave Miller. Photocopying and photo services are available in the adjacent law offices as previously. Separately, The Swiss embassy in Bangkok has announced the opening of a Pattaya consulate, in a row of offices near to Jomtien immigration, later this month.


All customers report first to Building B” with the sole exception that those reporting for 90 days go straight way to Building “A”.




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