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No China Flights In TG’s Winter Schedule

28 Sep, 2022

BANGKOK, 26 September 2022: Thai Airways International confirmed that its winter flight schedule from 30 October 2022 to  25 March 2023 will offer flights to 34 destinations in Europe, Australia and Asia,

The number of destinations served is the same as the summer timetable from 27 March to 29 October 2022.

In Asia, the airline serves six destinations in Japan, including Narita and Haneda Tokyo. No flights are listed to mainland China based on the current travel restrictions in China regarding inbound international travel. In contrast, THAI will serve six destinations in India, matching the number of destinations it serves in Japan. All of the airline’s services to Mekong region cities in Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam have been transferred to THAI Smile, which operates a fleet of A320s.


Intercontinental routes (return flights):

1. Bangkok-London: twice daily flights.

2. Bangkok-Paris: daily flight.

3. Bangkok-Zurich: daily flight.

4. Bangkok-Frankfurt: twice daily flights.

5. Bangkok-Munich: daily flight.

6. Bangkok-Copenhagen: daily flight.

7. Bangkok-Stockholm: 5 flights per week from Bangkok on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,  Friday and Sunday (*increased to daily from 1 December 2022).

8. Bangkok-Sydney: daily flight.

9. Bangkok-Melbourne: daily flight.

Regional routes (return flights):

1. Bangkok-Tokyo (Narita): twice daily flights.

2. Bangkok-Tokyo (Haneda): daily flight.

3. Bangkok-Nagoya: daily flight.

4. Bangkok-Osaka: daily flight.

5. Bangkok-Fukuoka: daily flight.

6. Bangkok-Sapporo: daily flight. (*starting 1 December 2022)

7. Bangkok-Manila: twice daily flights.

8. Bangkok-Seoul: triple daily flights.

9. Bangkok-Taipei: daily flights. (*increased to twice daily from 14 January 2023)

10. Bangkok-Hong Kong: twice daily flights.

11. Bangkok-Singapore: triple daily flights.

12. Bangkok-Jakarta: twice daily flights.

13. Bangkok-Denpasar: daily flight.

14. Bangkok-Kuala Lumpur: twice daily flights.

15. Bangkok-Kolkata: daily flight. (*starting 1 January 2023)

16. Bangkok-Chennai: daily flight.

17. Bangkok-Hyderabad: daily flight.

18. Bangkok-Bengaluru: daily flight.

19. Bangkok-New Delhi: every day, 22 flights per week (*Flight TG335 departs from Bangkok on Friday)

20. Bangkok-Mumbai: daily flight. (*increased to 11 flights per week from 1 January 2023)

21. Bangkok-Dhaka: every day, 10 flights per week (*Flight TG339 departs from Bangkok every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday)

22. Bangkok-Lahore: 5 flights per week from Bangkok on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

23. Bangkok-Islamabad: 4 flights per week from Bangkok on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

24. Bangkok-Karachi: daily flight.

25. Bangkok-Jeddah: 4 flights per week from Bangkok on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday (*increased to daily from 1 January 2023)


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