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High Tourism Season To See 2,600 Flights A Day: AeroThai

27 Aug, 2023

The Aeronautical Radio of Thailand Ltd (AeroThai) projects that some 2,600 flights per day will land at Suvarnabhumi during this year's high tourism season, which would result in a figure of over one million flights for this entire year.

According to Nopasit Chakpitak, president of AeroThai, the figures are expected to approach the levels seen before the Covid-19 pandemic in 2019. The projection takes into consideration the upcoming Chinese National Day which would likely bring in more Chinese tourists, as well as Christmas and New Year.

AeroThai has therefore formulated plans to accommodate air traffic during the upcoming high tourism season, which runs from October 2023 to March 2024. This includes preparations in terms of personnel, equipment, and various technologies, along with inspections of systems and safety preparedness to handle any emergencies, Nopasit said.

Furthermore, AeroThai has enhanced the data set of the air traffic management system to support information on buildings, taxiways, and Runway 3. The construction of these elements has affected the physical layout of the airport and the display of the air traffic management system, he added.

AeroThai has devised a two-phase plan for upgrading the data set:

Phase 1: Update the data set to accommodate SAT-1 building, with completion expected by September 2023.

Phase 2: Update the data set to accommodate Runway 3 at Suvarnabhumi Airport, aiming for operational readiness by September 2024.

Meanwhile, AeroThai has installed a panoramic CCTV system at 2 points in the SAT-1 building. This enables air traffic controllers to observe aircraft movement on the taxiway, enhancing safety and efficiency for all flights.

“AeroThai's efforts are contributing to the advancement and development of Thailand's airport capabilities, positioning the country as a central hub for air transportation in the region, in line with government policies and transportation strategies set by the Ministry of Transport,” Nopasit said.



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