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Flowered Up In Pha Taem

22 Nov, 2019

Pha Taem is Ubon Ratchathani's most famous national park. However, not as much known is the fact that the best time to visit this natural wonderland of the northeastern province is now.

For the next couple of weeks before the dry season goes into full swing, apart from the awe-inspiring rock formations, prehistoric rock paintings and the high cliff overlooking the vista made up of the Mekong River and the mountains of Laos on the other side, you can also enjoy waterfalls that are still full of life and, best of all, the fields of vivid wild flowers that cover what during the rest of the year seems like barren areas with a sandstone surface.

Among the herbaceous perennials that are beginning to flaunt their flowers in Pha Taem are soi suwanna (Utricularia bifida), dusita (Utricularia delphinioides) and kradum ngoen (Eriocaulon smitinandii).

Several species of Pha Taem's plants that flourish during this period are carnivorous, including the first two mentioned.

These flora are fragile so always keep in mind when you visit the sites not to damage them. Stay on the pathways and bring proper photographic gear so you can get the pictures you want without having to trample on the plants to get closer.

Pha Taem National Park is 93km east of Ubon Ratchathani Airport. For updates and other inquiries, call 045-252-581 or visit facebook/pt074. This link takes you straight to the park's page.

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