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Bangkok To Vaccinate Students With Pfizer Starting September 21

14 Sep, 2021

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration is going to vaccinate students aged 12-18, starting on September 21st, while other provinces will start on October 1st.

Students aged 12-18 with one of the listed chronic diseases, and studying in one of 437 schools under the supervision of the BMA, have already been scheduled to get vaccinated at Navamindradhiraj University starting September 21st. Previously, this group of students was required to supply information needed to register for the vaccine, as a precursor to being diagnosed by a doctor for safety purposes.

The Royal College of Pediatricians of Thailand, has suggested to the BMA that students aged 12-16 years old should be vaccinated only if they are in a vulnerable group such as by being obese, or having a chronic respiratory disease, Coronary Artery Disease, being at risk of Stroke, Chronic kidney disease, Cancer and Immunodeficiency illnesses, Diabetes, or one of the genetic disorders including Down syndrome. Meanwhile, students aged 16 – 18 years old including those with congenital diseases have no limitations placed on them in getting vaccinated.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education plans to vaccinate both school and college students, studying in either private or public institutions in October. However, the students need to be permitted to get vaccinated, by their parents. Provincial education offices and provincial public health offices will collate the number of students with parental permission, so as to supply sufficient vaccine doses for vaccinations. First up, the ministry plans to vaccinate students in the 29 dark-red provinces before other provinces to prepare for the second semester of 2021. (NNT)



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