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BTS Elevator Saliva Smearer Sentenced To Jail

24 Mar, 2020

BANGKOK — A man arrested for smearing his saliva all over the elevator buttons at a skytrain station last week was sentenced to 15 days in detention by a court on Tuesday. 

Ekkachai Kantamala, 32, who dirtied the elevator at BTS National Stadium, was given a lighter sentence on public disturbance and uncleanliness offenses after he tested negative for the coronavirus. 

Had he tested positive, Ekkachai would have been charged under violation of public health decrees, an offense that carries a jail term of one year. 

Police officers said on Tuesday they are still unsure of his motive; a diagnosis by Police General Hospital cleared Ekkachai of any psychiatric disorders. He also confessed to the charge, police said. 

Per today’s verdict by the Pathum Wan Municipal Court, Ekkachai would be held at Pathum Thani Provincial Central Probation Center. 


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