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Travel Shifts Gear To Planning Mode

01 Jun, 2021

SINGAPORE, 1 June 2021: More than one in five Singaporean adults (22%) planned to travel over the next three months, up from 19% a month ago, according to Finder’s Travel Index.

When Finder surveyed Singaporeans in early-mid May*, 22% of Singaporeans planned to travel either domestically or abroad over the months of June, July, and August.

Most Singaporeans were planning to travel in June (12%), followed by August (7%) and July (6%).

Finder’s global editor-at-large Angus Kidman, says the percentage of Singaporeans with short term travel plans hit a high in the recent survey.

“Things were looking positive for Singaporean travel last month, with the Hong Kong-Singapore travel bubble slated for the end of May and discussions happening with countries such as Australia around opening up borders even further.



“We saw this sentiment reflected in the data, with the number of Singaporeans planning to travel increasing from 16% in February to 22% in May – a jump of 6 percentage points in four months.

“Obviously, since then, a lot has changed, with the latest restrictions putting many Singaporeans’ travel plans into doubt.

“The bulk of our survey was conducted prior to the latest restrictions, suggesting many Singaporeans may have planned for a trip that might not be possible anymore.”

Overall, Italy (42.98%) ranks 1st out of 19 countries for the percentage of people who plan to travel over the next three months, followed by France (42.65%) and Russia (40.49%).

At the other end of the spectrum, Canada ranks last with just 16.99% planning any type of travel over the coming three months, followed by Australia (18.29%) and New Zealand (20.56%). 

Finder’s Travel Index is an ongoing survey, which has so far gathered responses from 118,305 people in 19 countries. You can read the full report here:



Who’s planning trips?
The percentage planning to travel over the next three months (June, July, August)

  1. Italy (42.98%)
  2. France (42.65%)
  3. Russia (40.49%)
  4. The Philippines (37.35%)
  5. India (36.65%)
  6. Malaysia (36.31%)
  7. The Netherlands (30.65%)
  8. Ireland (29.23%)
  9. Hong Kong (29.07%)
  10. United States of America (28.17%)
  11. Spain (26.85%)
  12. United Kingdom (25.62%)
  13. Germany (23.55%)
  14. Singapore (22.40%)
  15. Brazil (22.29%)
  16. South Africa (21.62%)
  17. New Zealand (20.56%)
  18. Australia (18.29%)
  19. Canada (16.99%)

*Finder surveyed 741 Singaporean adults from 26 April 2021 – 19 May 2021. The majority of responses were collected in May.



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