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Phuket Vaccination Campaign

29 Apr, 2021

The Thai government is adamant the planned re-opening of the southern island of Phuket to vaccinated foreign tourists will go ahead as planned. The first fully vaccinated foreign tourists are expected to arrive in Phuket on 1 July this year. Currently the province is on course to speed up its vaccination program as its inhabitants prepare to reopen and receive foreign tourists. The Phuket vaccination program has made steady progress and is on course to have up to 70% of its population vaccinated before the planned opening date.

Our guides and employees have already received at least one dose of the vaccines. We are confident they will be fully ready to work with foreign tourists again as soon as they start arriving in Phuket.



However, vaccines are just one of many components to make the reopening a success. There are many issues that the government needs to clarify, such as rules on entry requirements, travel bubbles, international flight arrangements etc.


ITC team

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