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A Hidden Gem In Pattaya

02 Sep, 2021

The Khon Mask Museum in Pattaya’s Nong Nooch Tropical Garden does not just give visitors a chance to check out its collection of 506 masks, but also offers a demonstration of how they are made.


he Khon Mask Museum, nestled in Pattaya’s Nong Nooch Tropical Garden, does not just display a variety of Khon masks but also demonstrates how they are made.
Established in 2017, the museum now boasts 506 masks – 24 ancient ones, 108 related to Thai beliefs and 374 for characters of the Ramakien – Thailand’s version of the Indian epic, Ramayana.

Kampon Tansacha, president of the company that owns the garden, said the museum was built in line with his mother’s wishes to preserve Thailand’s national art.

Khon is a traditional Thai dance-drama genre and is believed to have been created in the 1600s. It was generally performed in royal courts and its distinctive feature is that the mask covers the performer’s head completely. 


The Khon Mask Museum in Pattaya’s Nong Nooch


The next project is to build a museum showcasing Thailand’s traditional puppets.
The museum will open once the Covid-19 situation has eased. 


The Khon Mask Museum in Pattaya’s Nong Nooch






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