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Railways, Mass Transit, THAI, Shopping Malls Boost Hygienic Measures Amid Coronavirus Anxiety

29 Jan, 2020

State Railways of Thailand (SRT) acting governor Worawut Mala has ordered all stations, especially Hua Lam Pong, to boost cleaning of all areas.

Among the measures is spraying disinfectant at spots frequently touched or used by passengers, such as toilets, ticket counters, inside passenger trains, seats and hand rails. The SRT has also provided masks to its staff.

Bangkok Expressway and Metro as well as the Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand have also vastly strengthened cleaning on the Blue Line and Purple Line mass transit routes.

Thai Airways International president Sumeth Damrongchaitham said the airline has already stepped up a host of hygienic measures on board its planes to ensure passenger confidence.

Meanwhile, retailers are also alert, ramping up preventive measures against the spread of the coronavirus at their branches nationwide.

The measures implemented include providing hand gels at entrances; sanitising points or spots frequently touched or used by shoppers, such as buttons in elevators, faucets and door knobs; spraying disinfectant in elevators and toilets; sanitising shopping baskets and carts; and making sure there is ample supply of liquid soap in the toilets. Retailers have also provided masks to their staff and briefed them on the virus and how to deal with the situation.



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