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Thai Sky Adventures By Kshitija

25 Sep, 2019

Sky diving is a dream of every single person who has yearn for adventure sports and being that person, when I got to know that my long awaited dream was about to get a complete my happiness & excitement went through the roof – well, in this case it went thought the Sky . Sky diving Thailand is Asia’s highest Skydive zone based at Rayong which is just 1 hr. drive away from Pattaya – City if famous for amazing night life, Win –Win Right ? I thought so .

When I reached at the sight, first slot was already in the process of taking their first jump & everybody was looking super nervous & excited (&nauseous Probably ;) ) , at the same time. After reaching & getting little bit settled we need to go through some standard medical check – up. People who has serious health conditions are not advisable to do the dive. After that we need to do registration which includes your consent which basically means that you sign your life away & waive the Tandem of any liability in the event of mishap ( injury & death) . It may sound like gambling your life but the tandems are very well experienced & certified with all the safety precautions & I personally have read all the safety rules & have seen plenty of videos so signing waiver didn’t  feel like a big deal. After all the paperwork you get little free time, where you can get a little bit free time to freak out, thinking about death .. then calm down, take pictures ( you never know it will be the last ones) , think about life or next adventure ? - feel free . I was thinking about what if that parachute doesn’t open in the sky ? (Now I can laugh about that though) No matter whatever the time of your tandem slot is given, you need to wait minimum 3 – 4 hours depending upon miscellaneous reasons. You get to see number of people climbing the airplane and landing through parachutes.  

As soon as I heard announcement of my name  I was waiting for my instructor Paul - who gave me jump suite, harness & goggle with all the instructions & prepared me for the jump which made me felt like warrior - Do Or die ;) . Then I got on the plane with him we had few more divers accompanying with their instructors excited for their first jump. It takes about 12 – 13 minutes for the airplane to reach on the required height. By the time you look out from the window trying admiring the view ( that day Sky was clear, blue & sunny – ideal for the dive) & trying not to imagine the next moment. Once airplane reached to the altitude of 14,000 feet (4,300 meters), door got opened & chilly wind entered, without even getting time to anticipate the next moment (or getting time to remember God ;)) I was in the air experiencing the most exhilarating drop of 60 second at a speed of 200 Km/h trying to scream, posing for the camera, feeling my blood rushing towards my ears & heart beating faster than bullet train which was one of the craziest and breathtaking experience- I mean Literally ;). After 60 seconds Paul launched the parachute and I found myself floating peacefully over the stunning views of rayong and koh Samet island with tiny lush green fields & water banks . The parachute ride down took around six to seven minutes & that flying in the sky was the most tranquil , Peaceful & jovial experience ever and the landing was super soft. Once my feet touched to the ground I have realized that sky is the real & best place to live ?. So whenever I will get the chance to fly  I would love to have that experience again & again. Now I have happily ticked off sky diving from my bucket list and looking forward to the next adventure. From my experience, All I need to say is that, It needs little bit of extra courage & little bit fond of craziness to put your foot out of that airplane door and jump- then the sky is limit.

Sky diving Thailand has team of Experts from US & UK it guarantee safety at its finest. From the Aircraft to the equipment everything is from Premium Manufacturers, with a qualified team of Professionals & engineers certified by the US Federal Aviation Administration work full time with Skydive Thailand to ensure the safety of each customer.  As there is no need for experience or hard core training for this so, If Possible everyone should try this at least once in their life.

For more information please visit Thai Sky Adventures web-site.

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