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31 May, 2020

As of May 31st there were 3081 confirmed cases, 57 patients died, while 2963 fully recovered. Only 61 active cases still remain.

In mid-March the government put into effect an emergence decree and imposed numerous restrictions in order to contain the spread of the virus. Among those measures were a nighttime curfew, a ban on large groups of people gathering, a ban on mass sports and cultural events, prohibition on alcohol sales, the closure of all shopping malls, gyms, swimming pools, beaches, beauty salons, massage shops, restaurants (except take away orders), bars, pubs etc. Only shops and markets selling food and essential goods were allowed to operate. All people arriving from abroad were submitted to a mandatory 14-day quarantine at government provided facilities. All passenger flights to / from Thailand (except repatriation flights) were suspended. Hand sanitizers and temperature checking points became ubiquitous. Wearing face masks in public places became compulsory. Schools and universities were closed. People were advised to avoid all non-essential travel and to work from home.

All these stringent measures seem to have had a positive effect. The number of new infections has been steadily declining and for the past several weeks remains in single digits. In fact there were 4 days in May when no new COVID-19 cases were confirmed. As a result the government has decided to gradually relax some lockdown rules.

On May 29th the Ministry of Public Health has indicated that the COVID-19 situation in Thailand had improved, with 65 provinces reporting no new cases in a month. The Center for Covid-19 Situation Center, or CCSA, announced the third of four scheduled phases to take place effective from Monday, June 1st, in loosening rules and relaxing restrictions put in place originally to help control the Covid-19 Coronavirus.

Individual provincial governors can choose to strengthen, but not loosen, the standards and rules announced. This means that some individual provinces may still choose to keep some activities closed depending on their respective situations.


Here is a summary of the latest news and restrictions concerning Thailand’s COVID-19 situation:

-All international passenger flights are suspended till the end of June.

-All Thai nationals and foreigners working in Thailand who arrive back into the country must undergo a 14 day quarantine.

-All department stores and shopping malls are allowed to operate although there are restrictions concerning the number of people allowed in each venue. All shopping malls must be closed by 09:00 PM.

-Retail stores, wholesale stores, etc. can operate. This includes office supply stores, home improvement stores, electronic stores, furniture stores, building material stores and all large markets with proper hygiene and physical distance requirements.

-All restaurants can operate as normal, although they must limit the number of customers and the patrons must adhere to social distancing rules. No alcohol sales are allowed in restaurants of any kind at this time.

-Most domestic flights can operate as normal, however the number of passengers per each plane is limited and all passengers must wear face masks. No food or drinks are allowed onboard. The number of flights is limited mostly due to the absence of international travelers. Phuket Airport remains closed until further notice.

-Hotels are allowed to operate, however many hotels remain closed due to the lack of foreign guests and low domestic demand.

-Exhibition Centers and Convention Centers may open, but only for a limited area of no more than 20,000 square meters. They may be open until 9:00 PM. Social distancing standards and crowd control must be followed.

–Museums, national museums, public libraries, flower and garden parks, art galleries can reopen. Strict physical distancing must take place.

-The curfew has been shortened to 23:00 – 03:00 only.

-Hair salons, beauty shops, health and skin clinics can operate but some special limitations apply.

-All stadiums (including Thai boxing), bars, pubs, nightclubs and other entertainment venues must remain closed.

-Cinemas and fitness centers are allowed to resume their activities on June 1st. Bowling alleys and skating rinks may open.

-Beaches in the country remain closed. This is to avoid people gathering in large groups and arranging beach parties. But it is highly likely that these rules will be relaxed in early June. As soon as beaches are opened water activities like jetskis, windsurfing, banana boats, etc. will also be allowed.

-Alcohol sales are allowed, but no alcoholic beverages can be served at restaurants.

-Massage establishments along with spas and health establishments can open with numerous limitations, however.

-Public parks are open.

-All national parks are closed.

-Temples and other religious venues are allowed but no mass gatherings and social distancing must be properly obeyed.


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