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15 Jun, 2020

As of June 15th there were 3135 confirmed cases. The death toll remained at 58 and the number of recovered patients was unchanged at 2,987. Ninety patients were receiving treatment at hospitals.

Today Dr Taweesilp Visanuyothin, spokesman for the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration, said the country had not recorded any new locally infected cases for 21 days, and the past 24 hours saw no newly confirmed cases among quarantined returnees either.

On June 12th the Center for Covid-19 Situation, or CCSA, announced the fourth scheduled phase which took place on Monday, June 15th, in loosening rules and relaxing restrictions put in place originally to help control the Covid-19 coronavirus. The CCSA stated that nearly 95 percent of restrictions were now unlocked with only a few exceptions still closed, notably bars, pubs, karaoke lounges, nightclub, massage parlours and nightlife related venues. The Centre also approved ending the night curfew from June 15.

The venues that will be allowed to reopen effective from Monday, June 15, most with strict new rules on social distancing and hygiene:

-Schools with less than 120 students, school buildings for activities and informal learning. Most government schools scheduled to open on 1st July.

Activities like conferences, training, seminars, exhibitions, ceremonies, banquets, music, dance, concerts and various other activities held in hotels, convention centers, exhibition centers, cinemas and other locations that use the criteria of 24 square meters per person.

Restaurants, hotels, food courts, markets, etc may sell alcohol. However, bars, pubs, night clubs, karaoke lounges and nightlife specific entertainment venues must remain closed. Social distancing rules must be followed and no special promotions or events.

Playgrounds, water parks, amusement parks may open except for ball pits and inflatable houses.

Airplanes are not required to social distance and all seats can be used if everyone is wearing masks.

Bus transport can be full up to 70 percent of capacity now.

Sports stadiums and all sporting event fields can open, can be broadcast on TV, but no audiences at this time.


Here is a summary of the news and restrictions concerning Thailand’s COVID-19 situation:

-All international passenger flights are suspended till the end of June.

-All Thai nationals and foreigners working in Thailand who arrive back into the country must undergo a 14 day quarantine.

-All department stores and shopping malls are allowed to operate although there are restrictions concerning the number of people allowed in each venue.

-Retail stores, wholesale stores, etc. can operate. This includes office supply stores, home improvement stores, electronic stores, furniture stores, building material stores and all large markets with proper hygiene and physical distance requirements.

-All restaurants can operate as normal, although they must limit the number of customers and the patrons must adhere to social distancing rules.

-Most domestic flights can operate as normal. All seats can be used if everyone is wearing masks.

-Hotels are allowed to operate, however many hotels remain closed due to the lack of foreign guests and low domestic demand.

-Exhibition Centers and Convention Centers may open, but only for a limited area of no more than 20,000 square meters. They may be open until 9:00 PM. Social distancing standards and crowd control must be followed.

–Museums, national museums, public libraries, flower and garden parks, art galleries can reopen. Strict physical distancing must take place.

-Hair salons, beauty shops, health and skin clinics can operate but some special limitations apply.

-Cinemas and fitness centers were allowed to resume their activities on June 1st. Bowling alleys and skating rinks are open.

-Massage establishments along with spas and health establishments can open with numerous limitations, however.

-Public parks are open.

-All national parks remain are closed.

-Temples and other religious venues are allowed but no mass gatherings and social distancing must be properly obeyed.


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