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01 Jul, 2020

As of July 1st there were 3173 confirmed cases. The death toll remained at 58 and the number of recovered patients stands 3,059. Only 56 patients were receiving treatment at hospitals.

Thailand has not detected any new infections outside quarantine areas for those who returned from abroad for over a month.

On June 30th the government extended the Emergency Decree to another month through July with a stated aim of combating the coronavirus.

The Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) gave the green light for all remaining entertainment facilities to reopen from 1st of July. They include pubs and bars, karaoke bars, and bath-sauna-massage establishments. Health and physical distancing measures and monitoring will be required.

All shopping malls, department stores and community malls are allowed to open until 10 PM from the current 9 PM.

Other premises allowed to reopen will include schools and educational institutes, although the number of students per each class will be limited.

Also, on July 1st Thailand lifted its ban on international flights, but only few selected categories of travelers will be allowed to enter the country.

The list of people allowed back into Thailand at this stage includes:

1. Persons with Thai nationality.

2. Persons who were invited by the prime minister or authorities responsible for the emergency.

3. Foreign spouses, parents or children of persons with Thai nationality.

4. Foreigners with residency rights in Thailand.

5. Foreign spouses and children of work permit holders.

6. Transporters of necessary products, who must leave the country immediately after their work is done.

7. Drivers and staff of vehicles that have to carry out necessary or important missions in Thailand and have a clear schedule for leaving.

8. International students and their guardians.

9. Foreigners and their carers seeking medical treatment in Thailand (except for Covid-19).

10. Staff of embassies, consulates, international organisations or representatives of foreign governments who have to carry out their mission in Thailand as allowed by the Foreign Affairs Ministry, as well as their spouses, parents, children.

11. Foreigners who are allowed to enter Thailand as per special arrangements.

All visitors will be tested for Covid-19 and need to follow the regulations issued by the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration and the Department of Disease Control, including completing a mandatory quarantine period. Anyone who believes they fall into one of the categories described in the CAAT’s announcement (detailed below) should contact their local Thai embassy for more information.


Here is a summary of the news and restrictions concerning Thailand’s COVID-19 situation:

-Selected categories of foreigners are allowed to enter Thailand from July 1st. All Thai nationals and foreigners who arrive back into the country must undergo a 14 day quarantine.

-Schools and educational institutes are allowed to open, although the number of students per each class will be limited.

-All department stores and shopping malls can to operate, although there are restrictions concerning the number of people allowed in each venue. Retail stores, wholesale stores, etc. can operate.

-All restaurants can operate as normal, although they must limit the number of customers and the patrons must adhere to social distancing rules.

-Most domestic flights can operate as normal. All seats can be used if everyone is wearing masks.

-Hotels are allowed to operate, however many hotels remain closed due to the lack of foreign guests and low domestic demand.

-Pubs, bars, karaoke, beer gardens, beer halls are allowed to reopen, but they must adhere to numerous restrictions.

-Exhibition Centers and Convention Centers may open, but only for a limited area of no more than 20,000 square meters. They may be open until 9:00 PM. Social distancing standards and crowd control must be followed.

–Museums, national museums, public libraries, flower and garden parks, art galleries can reopen. Strict physical distancing must take place.

-Hair salons, beauty shops, health and skin clinics can operate but some special limitations apply.

-Cinemas and fitness centers were allowed to resume their activities on June 1st. Bowling alleys and skating rinks are open.

-Massage establishments along with spas and health establishments can open with numerous limitations, however.

-Public parks are open.

-Temples and other religious venues are allowed but no mass gatherings and social distancing must be properly obeyed.


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