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29 Nov, 2019

Issues November 2019, Vol. 10

   News Update  
Krabi Airport’s Connecting Corridors between Domestic and International Terminals under Renovation

Krabi International Airport is now closing connecting corridors between Terminal 1 (International) and 2 (Domestic) due to the renovation of Terminal 1 & 2 and construction of the new Terminal 3. As a result, all passengers will have to travel landside between the two terminals. ITC would need your support to always send us arrival and departure details to ensure that guest will be picked up/dropped off at the correct terminal, especially for transfer without guide.
Electronic cigarettes are illegal in Thailand

The use of an electronic cigarette – or vaping – in Thailand are illegal. Those who found breaking this law could be arrested and face jail time, or a fine several times the value of the illegal item(s). This applies to both foreigners and Thais. Thus, travellers coming to Thailand are advised not to bring any electronic cigarettes with them, nor any item or equipment associated with e-cigarettes, such as, the liquid used in the device.
   Promotion Update  
King Power Mahanakhon SkyWalk - Upgrade Pack

Upgrade to elevate the Mahanakhon Observatory experience by gaining access to the 310 meter high outdoor observation deck on level 78 via a hydraulic glass lift. Choice of combined package with complimentary mocktail "magical" drink or a photo set albbum are  available.

Black out dates: 
20 Dec 19 - 5 Jan 20, and 21 Jan 20 - 29 Jan 20

   New Places  
Patpong Museum
It is newly opened attraction located in Patpong Soi 2. For people who are familiar with this area, it is right under “Black Pagoda”. This attraction is for 18+. Suitble for FIT or small group. Currently, guests will be guided by English and Thai speaking staff. In the future, there will be audio guide in various languages. The guided tour will take around 40-50 minutes. 

Patom Organic Cafe' at the Rose Garden, Nakorn Pathom

Have a sip of organic coffee with a beautiful organic farm landscape of The Rose Garden at Patom Garden. A taste of Thai using organic ingredients included here; ranging from herbal tea, organic coffee and Thai sweet! The Cafe opens daily at 10.00 am, located in the secret compound inside The Rose Garden.


  ITC Talk by Luksamee  
Hi everyone, I’m Luksamee, Product Assistant Manager at ITC Bangkok. At the beginning of November 2019, I have inspected three provinces in the South of Thailand which are Satun, Trang and Pattalung. The attractions are so interesting that I am so excited to share my experience to you now.
  Luksamee  (Pu)


Satun, a small province where people may only know its famous island destination, Koh Lipe. But, the beauty of Satun does not limit to that. There are wide range of attractions that should not be missed.
1.    Street Art Satun
Another tourist spot that makes a small peaceful Satun town comes to lives. These paintings convey unique identity of Satun people, a good mix of different ethnical background ranging from Thai-Chinese, Thai-Muslim and Thai-Buddhist along major streets in downtown e.g. Satunthanee street, Sulakanukoon street, Burivanich street, Ruangritjaroon street and Soibanjob street.
2.    The Time Travel Zone (part of Mu Ko Phetra National Park) 
With seafront walking bridge leading to “Khao To Ngai” mountain, there is a fault plane on a huge cliff facing to the sea. Here, you will feel like travel back 500 years because it is a joining point where limestone from two different ages meet. On the cliff, you will see Cambrian red sandstone ( 542-488 million years ago) overlain by Ordovician limestone (488-444 million years). 
3.    Satun Geopark
After the discovery of many geological evidence, Satun Geopark was announced as one of the UNESCO Global Geopark.  As a result, Geopark Information Center and museum was founded as a resource for people in the community and tourists to learn about geological evidence and understand the importance of natural resources protection.   


Phatthalung, is more than a gateway to the Southern provinces. Once travel around, you will fall in love with this charming city and the local’s way of life.
1.    Water buffalo of Thale Noi Wetland
Water buffalo is not a new breed of animal, but it is a buffalo that raised freely in Thele Noi Wetland and Songkhla Lake. It is a remarkable adaptation of the buffalo herds in that area. Today, they become another tourist highlight of "Thale Noi" (or Talay Noi), a famous tourist attraction in Phatthalung province.
2.    Fish Lift – Pak Pra
In Pak Pra district, it is a normal to see local fishery style, or Fish Lift. It is a big fishing net hooked with wooden lifter for lifting large amount of fish by one man. This is folk wisdom conserved by a local fisherman. Although there are many technologies that can facilitate, this traditional way of life helps maintain the balance of the marine system. 
3.    Thale Noi Waterbird Sanctuary 
One more activity that I would recommend is to cruise along Thale Noi by longtail boat. From February to April, you will see waterbird glides over hot-pink waterlilies. This place is a highlight spot for birdwatchers. Here, you will find more than 287 different species of waterbirds travelled from other parts of the world.


Trang is normally known as food destination, but you can also find cultural attraction to explore.
Na Muen Si Textile Village 
Out of rice farming season, Na Muen Sri villagers were firstly grouped and started to weave for their household. With the beauty of their pattern, soon their products become so popular. Then, Na Muen Sri Textile Group has been set up, which preserves the uniqueness of their pattern and ancient weaving technique until today. Their product has also been developed for compatible with modern fashion design.


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